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Avoid Buying Fake Copper Peptides Dangerous

Do Pheromones Really Work to Attract Love?

do Pheromones Really work?Discover the science behind fragrance and why expensive perfumes do not work. The chemistry of attraction is signaled by the natural scents of pheromones that draw others to you.

Love (and maybe a small touch of lust) is in the air triggered by pheromones that send airborne messages. They entice and delight as they spin you in a sensual web of fragrant attraction. Discover the secret scents of essential oils that have activated our senses for thousands of years.

What Does the Science Show?

1. Scientific gene studies emphasize the importance of scents. Over 7% of the human genome is devoted to about 1500 genes that react to smells and scents.

2. Dr. Loren Pickart, who discovered the skin remodeling copper peptide GHK, became interested in the social aspects of smells when he studied newborn infants who had high levels of toxic short chain fatty acids in their blood. Fatty acids must be controlled and lowered or they may cause brain damage. These types of acids (propanoic and butyric) were acrid smelling but did seem to cause a bonding with the medical staff. Literature research found that such acids strongly increased attraction in monkeys and chimpanzees.

3. Fragrant pheromone scents have been proven to enhance human bonding and relaxation. Pheromones both stimulate and calm your senses. Pheromones nurture love and friendship.

How Pheromones Can Work For You

Discover the secret scents of essential oils that have activated our senses for thousands of years.

Ylang Ylang
Asian Oud

The Chemistry of attraction may be cupid’s arrow dipped in scented pheromones. You can sniff your way to success with scents that promote social bonding. In a sense, pheromones are the genetic glue that attracts and unites all of us with each other.

Read more at: Using Pheromones for Attraction and Bonding Why Expensive Perfumes Do Not Work


Plant Pheromones vs. Human Pheromones

Several companies have been set up to develop human romantic pheromones for the general consumer. However, most of these companies have had disappointing results.

For example, a variety of very expensive human pheromones from other companies were given to volunteers for testing. The volunteers were also supplied with various traditional pheromone-like oils from plants. The volunteers were asked to record their results as to whether other people were more friendly, talkative, and affectionate.

Surprisingly, in every case the test subjects found few positive responses to the expensive human pheromones. On the other hand, all the volunteers reported numerous very positive responses to at least some of the tested plant pheromones.

Plant and Animal Pheromones

Goddess Calypso, Scents & Love

What is the formula of love? Can we sneak and sniff out Mr. Right? Imagine the goddess within you attracting the man or shall I say God of your dreams. Perhaps Cupid has just struck you with pheromones, chemicals that can evoke the chemistry of attraction.    

Goddess Calypso embodies the secrets of attraction and pheromones.  

The Greek Goddess Calypso was described in Homer's Odyssey 2,800 years ago. Calypso, who lived on Ogygia, an island near Malta, was unmarried, independent, and history's first documented feminist.

Calypso rescued the hero Odysseus from death as he drifted astride the keel of his ship that Zeus had shattered with lightning. For seven years the goddess kept Odysseus on her island, passionately loving him and offering to make him a god.

However, when Zeus finally ordered her to release Odysseus, she replied "Cruel folk you are, unmatched for jealousy, you gods who cannot bear to let a goddess sleep with a man, even if it is done without concealment and she has chosen him as her lawful consort."

Calypso further stated that the gods often slept with mortal women and no objection was ever raised to this behavior. Calypso then helped Odysseus build a boat and stocked it herself with bread, water, and wine, and sent a following wind so that he would reach his home in Ithaca without difficulties. She told Odysseus that she had a righteous mind and a heart that, not being of iron, had compassion.

Many scholars say Calypso represents the pure, remote feminine, untouched and inaccessible, separate, distinguished and different from the world of men, (or the view of the world by men). For all of you goddesses out there seeking to enhance your powers and prowess, perhaps the use of ancient pure essential oils will help you re-discover the chemistry of attraction.

Compare Expensive Perfumes with Pure Essential Oils

The key to using pheromones and scents is to put them into contact with large areas of your body. Then the heat of your body biochemically alters the odors and blends them into your overall pheromone signature.

Your personal pheromone "odor signature" is a complex mixture of pheromones, body oils and fatty acids, sweat, and hormones such as androsterone secreted onto the skin from your apocrine glands. In addition, the 40 million skin cells that you shed each day add to your pheromone signature.

Perfumes that are dabbed on a small area - such as the wrist – are not effective. They exist as a separate smell and do little to change your total pheromone signature. Furthermore, the mixing of many different scents in perfumes produces a confusing pheromone signal.

of Essential Oil
Expensive Perfume 24% plus 76% alcohol
Often a confusing
mix of oils
To wrists and earlobes:
Does not enter your
body's pheromone plumb
Alcohol can dry skin:
Synthetic chemical
fragrances often used
$100 to $500
per ounce
Essential Oil
2.5 to 3.0%
Depending on oil
To upper torso and breasts
and sometimes to legs:
Enters your body's
Pheromone Plumb
Oils serve as protectant for
dry and irritated skin:
Only pure essential oils used
Copper Peptide Lotion
with Essential Oil added
2.5 to 3.0%
Depending on lotion
To upper torso and breasts
and sometimes to legs:
Enters you body's
Pheromone Plumb
Copper-Peptides in lotion
stimulates skin regeneration:
Only pure essential oils used


Why Expensive Perfumes Do Not Work

Lord-Frederick-Leighton---Acme-and-Septimus,-1868.Studies by Alan Hirsch and Jason Gruss (Smell and Taste Treatment Research Foundation, Chicago, Illinois and University of Michigan) found that expensive perfumes are much less effective than many essential oils and common foods. They studied the effects of numerous scents on sexual arousal of men and women by comparing their blood flow in sexual-aroused tissues (penile or clitoral blood flow) while wearing scented masks and while wearing non-odorized, blank masks.

Expensive perfumes increased blood flow by only 3%. In contrast the combined odor of lavender and pumpkin produced a 40% increase and many other plant scents also worked better than perfumes.

While the results are for men, researchers reported that women also responded poorly to expensive perfumes.

These scientists tested lavender which has a reputation as a mild attractant, but they unfortunately did not test many other pheromones with reputations as bonding smells such as ylang ylang, asian oud and others.

Hirsch postulates that scents may act on the brain (1) by reducing anxiety, which inhibits natural sexual desire, or (2) increasing alertness and awareness, making the subjects more aware of sexual cues in the environment around them, or (3) by acting directly to the septal nuclei, a portion of the brain that induces sexual arousal.

YES YES Skin healing, beneficial for acne, burns, wounds,
Rashes, psoriasis, relieves headaches, PMS,
Stress, tension, muscle cramps
Very pleasant smell
(Favorite of French women)
Said to increase arousal, attractiveness,
Seductiveness, appeal and allure
Emotionally produces feelings of optimism,
Confidence and euphoria
Reduces tension, anxiety and depression
Relieves menstrual pain and cramps
Four million Jasmine Flowers produce one kilogram
of Jasmine Resin
OUD Very Erotic STRONG STRONG A historical favorite in Arab countries
Produced by a fungus that lives on trees
YLANG YLANG Erotic MODERATE STRONG Strong Aphrodisiac:
Said to increase arousal, fascination and attachment
Traditionally spread on marriage bed in Bali
MODERATE STRONG Scent is very similar (but more pleasant) to musks from
Animals such as deer musk, civitone musk from
Civit cats musk, and Castorium from beavers which are
Traditional Aphrodisiacs for both Men and Women
NUTMEG Energizing STRONG STRONG Very Stimulating:
Helps with frigidity, impotence, neuralgia and
Nervous fatigue used for better circulation, arthritis,
Gout, muscular aches and pains
PATCHOULI Mildly erotic STRONG LOW A Favorite of Women:
Erotic for women, probably not on men
Used for wrinkles or chapped skin
Helpful for depression, anxiety and
Stress related conditions
(Contains compounds
similar to deer musk)

Increases interpersonal
Cuddling / Kissing

STRONG STRONG Generally Bonding:
Users say it increases friendliness,
Warmth, affability, bonding , pleasantness,
Geniality charm, affection and sociability,
Somewhat like deer musk


Effect of Perfumes and Scents on Blood Flow in Male Sexual Tissue

Increase in Penile Blood Flow
Lavender and Pumpkin Pie 40.0
Pumpkin Pie and Doughnut 20.0
Orange 19.5
Black licorice and Cola 13.0
Black Licorice 13.0
Lily of the Valley 11.0
Vanilla 9.0
Pumpkin Pie 8.5
Lavender 8.0
Musk 7.5
Peppermint 6.0
Cheese Pizza 5.0
Roasting Meat 5.0
Rose 4.0
Strawberry 3.5
Oriental spices 3.5
Expensive Perfumes Averaged 3.0
Chocolate 2.8
Effect of Perfumes and Scents on Enhancement of Clitoral Blood Flow

Cucumber and Good and Plenty™
(Licorice candy)
Baby Powder 13%
Lavender and Pumpkin Pie 11%
Charcoal Barbecued Meat Inhibited - Anti-arousal
Cherries Inhibited - Anti-arousal
Expensive Men's Colognes Inhibited - Anti-arousal


Human Pheromones Increase Attraction & Aggression

HayezAnother drawback to using human pheromones is they may trigger aggression. On the other hand, traditional plant pheromones all have soothing properties, encourage calmness, and have been also used for meditation and religious ceremonies.

In humans and other mammals, sexual attraction can also trigger aggression. Androstenone, a pheromone in pigs, triggers both sexual attraction and aggression in boars.  Human men produce the same chemical in their armpits.

In mice, certain pheromones cause male mice to kill other male mice. The attacks depend largely on odor cues (male odors increase attacks, female cues decrease attack). In many mammals such as lions and bears, males will kill the offspring of a female so that they may mate with the female. Sex hormones stimulate production of urinary pheromones that increase the intensity of fighting in rodents. But the urine of castrated rats lacks the aggression provoking pheromone. Conversely, the urine of female rats contains an aggression inhibiting pheromone.

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For these reasons, always stick to traditional plant pheromones.

Do Pheromones Actually Work? Lord-Frederick-Leighton---Acme-and-Septimus,-1868.

No one can deny the fact that scents deeply influence human emotion. Social pheromone oils are essential oils derived from plant extracts. These aromatic oils offer one of the best moisturizers and protections against dry skin and for promoting skin health in general.

Pheromones have been used for thousands of years as mood enhancers during weddings, family gatherings and religious services. Pheromones increase happiness and bonding. Scientific studies demonstrate their actions promote relaxation and decrease conflict.

So how do these mood enhancers do their magic? Human emotions are most directly influenced by smells through the limbic system. Your scent or pheromone signature determines, to a very great extent, how people will respond to you.

The best pheromone products consist of essential oils.

Ancient Wisdom to Attract and Entice People

Renoir - The Science of Body Heat

For thousands of years, pheromone oils were rubbed on the torso or the legs, never on the wrists or earlobes. When you wear clothes, your body heats the air around your body.

This heat causes air to rise toward your highest opening in your clothes. As the hot air rises, it picks up the pheromones secreted from your skin, and as this air emerges around your face, it causes people to look at you and notice your face. It takes about one second for your smells to reach someone fifty feet away on still air.

Human pheromone levels peak at around age eighteen, then slowly decline through our life. This is why we are always aware of teenagers in a room.

By age forty, your pheromone signals no longer excite others when you enter a room as they did when you were eighteen.

We all tend to think that the physical beauty of youth provides the source of attractiveness; however, smells activate emotions. Thus, the declining attraction to others as we age may result more from pheromone declines than physical changes in our bodies.

So, to make people look and respond to you (and not to teenagers), you should enhance your natural pheromone signals with supplemental pheromone signals. This works well as one of the great secrets to attract men, or as a useful tip to attract women: Use scents as mood enhancers!

Essential Oils Creates Smiles

Skin Biology Fragrances

Pheromones help you attract and interact with others. More powerful than any potion, pheromones are nature's perfume, sending out signals for us to nurture love and friendships. Most commercial perfumes have little effect and are used incorrectly. So here's the key: enhance your personal pheromones with helper pheromones that will entice others while soothing your senses.

Dr. Pickart is on a quest by recreate your personal biology so that it will act, feel and look younger. We believe the above mentioned scents, infused with the purest of essential oils, will allure with a youthful magnetism. We think people should use essential oils that have been valued for thousands of years in Asia, Europe, and Africa. These oils are both ancient and the primordial secret to a fountain of youth and attraction.

Dr. Loren Pickart believes products should be based on scientific inventions in biochemistry and cell biology rather than on hocus bogus science that promises hyped hope in a jar.



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Kohl JV & Franceour RT, The Scent of Eros (Continuum Publishing) 1995. This is a very excellent book for the general public on pheromones and behavior.


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